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Emotion of a soldier

Emotion of a soldier

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That was a day when I saw An old man left alone with - No hope, no desire, I ran to him and admired his wrinkle and pale face, I held his hand to fill the hidden glory and untold sorrow. My heart could hear the pain from every vein, Oh! Lonely heart so timid approach, Just like a flower without charm and fragrance. The lustrous and worm eyes were waiting to close Suddenly the sound waved in the air- What an astonishing world! I still can feel my endearing mother Earth. Many ups and downs, but raised my flag high and that’s my pride. Today I am silent – Quaint war perhaps made me unvoiced, I just offered all my life Lighten light for every one Gave a fearless sleep and cherish to my country I am delighted to have my own world- dawn with dewy gleam, Yes this is my world, ‘My Paradise’.

Dipti Acharya
Teacher - DPSG

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