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Impact of parent-child interaction in child's growth

SWOT analysis and its importance for children

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SWOT analysis is a strategic planning technique that helps to breakdown the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a certain idea, project or experiment.This technique is used as a tool during the decision-making process of many businesses/ organisations to check their performance, solve problems and improve their efficiency..

SWOT analysis can also be useful for children in their studies to assess the results or progress of projects in different subjects. It's a great way of introducing students to the importance of self-reflection and how we can use evidence from past projects to improve any that we conduct in the future

To strengthen our strengths

SWOT analysis can be used to find a child’s area of interest, strength and helps the child to work towards strengthening

To tie loose ends

SWOT-analysis helps the child find out their weaknesses and provides them with methods to solve these weaknesses

Carpe Diem

SWOT-analysis helps the child identify their opportunities when they come up and creates a mentality to seize it at the right moment

React to threats

There are many external factors which affect the performance of a child. SWOT analysis equips the child to identify these threats and counteract them

Learning how to do a SWOT analysis in children can be very beneficial for the well rounded and holistic growth of the child.These tests have to be done under the supervision of a teacher who will direct them to properly conduct it.

Most of the areas covered during a SWOT analysis for children includes school, home and classroom environment. The child must be guided through when they fill each category by asking to fill in the most relevant information which helps them improve in their education.

After the table is filled and analysed, we can understand what all is needed for the child to grow and flourish in the school system

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